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        Ouhua Holding Group

        Let’s work together to build a century-long Ouhua

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          Corporate values: Product excellence is grounded in moral standing,Value is a result of service

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          Focusing on trade, we engage ourselves in logistics, industry, investment and other businesses

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          We bring higher-value goods and services to our customers


        China’s high-quality customized chemical products supplier

        Founded in 2010, Ouhua Holding Group is a modern comprehensive group company in the business of logistics, physical industry, investment, and more, focusing on trade, with a number of subsidiaries including Zhejiang Ouhua Chemical Import & Export Co., Ltd., Taizhou Ouhua Medical and Chemical Logistics Co., Ltd., and Taizhou Biaoxin Aluminum Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. Headquartered in Jiaojiang District, the main urban area of Taizhou, an emerging port city on the southeast coast of Zhejiang Province, the Group covers more than 100 acres (ca. 6.7 hectares) of land. With total assets of more than one billion yuan, the Group’s annual operating revenue exceeded more than 6.5 billion yuan in 2015, and it has got ISO 9001 certified and won honors such as the China Top 500 Chemical Companies and

        • Taizhou Top 500 Chemical Companies

        • IOS 9001 Certification

        • Taizhou Enterprise Compliant with Import and Export Codes

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        Ouhua Capital
      1. 6.5Billion yuan

        annual turnover

      2. 1Billion yuan

        total assets

      3. What We Trade
      4. 109types

        chemical products

      5. 700000tons

        annual imports & exports

      6. What We Do Well In
      7. 2000tons

        docked vessels

      8. 5000

        finished goods warehouse

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